BEGINNER: Spinning Pole
December 27 (Friday) at 10:00 am

Class Full - Waitlist Available

Class length
1 hour
Queen Bee's Arts and Cultural Center
Learn the basics of maneuvering on a pole that is on spin mode (vs "static"), which involves using a variety of body parts to hold various poses while the pole rotates so all angles of a move can be seen and appreciated. Hence this is a FULL BODY WORKOUT! The goal is to execute a series of movements on and off the spinning pole to result in a short but complete choreographed "pass".

What to wear/bring: Must wear short-shorts and a sports bra top for ladies (for the possibilty of needing torso skin exposed to stick to pole). Expect a barefoot class but good idea to bring shoes to dance in as well (same safety features required on any shoes, stilettos or otherwise: grippyrubber-based outsoles under platform/ball of foot, and secured around ankles). Always bring water.

Sorry - that class has already taken place!