December 19 (Thursday) at 8:15 pm

8 spots left

Class length
1 hour
Queen Bee's Arts and Cultural Center
Learn the foundations of movement and flow around the pole, on your feet and lower to the ground, using various body parts, so this is a FULL BODY WORKOUT! You will increase your strength and flexibility to execute a variety of spin moves, poses and transitions that will be choreographed into an entire dance routine (same one typically repeated over many weeks to allow for mastery).  Shoes (platform stilettos -- bring your own or borrow a pair of ours -- or otherwise) optional, but for safety these MUST have rubber (or other similar material) on the outsole under toebox to grip the floor and must be secured around your full ankle (i.e. no slip-on/mule-style shoes) -- if instructor deems shoes unsuitable for class student can dance barefoot.

What to wear/bring: ideal to have short shorts + leg warmers or leggings, and knee pads; always bring water.

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